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Model-Zone Sustainble Food House

Potential home gardens in Indonesia reached 10 million hectares. If KRPL can be developed optimally, the national rice consumption will naturally decrease. Agriculture Minister Suswono claim a reduction in consumption of rice per year could reach 30 percent or more than 10 million tons. With this KRPL model development, expected durability and national food self-sufficiency can be created start to the household level. Lampung has a land area of about 239 386 ha yard, or 6.78% of the agricultural area that can serve as a potential source provider of food nutritional value and high economic value

Model-Zone Sustainble Food House >> MAIN PROGRAM

Model-Zone Sustainble Food House (M-ZSFH)


1) Security and household food mandirian

2) food diversification based on local resources

3) Conservation of plant genetic resources for future food

4) Improving the Welfare of households and communities