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Resources Seed Management Unit

Seed sources occupies a strategic position in the national seed industry as a source for seed production class below. Relative to the Agricultural Research Agency responded with determination General Guidelines for Management of Seed Plant in 2003 and has been updated to the General Guidelines for Management of Seed Plant in 2011. As the implementation of the General Guidelines for Management of Seed Crop, then each Unit including the Ministry of Agriculture is required to Seed Resources Management to implement that in practice carried out by Resources Seed Management Unit (RSMU). It is a reference for RSMU in practice to produce seed source to be managed, with a variety of activities including: production planning, production of seed sources, harvest to post-harvest and storage, and distribution of seeds.



Event Source Seed Management Unit (RSMU) purpose to produce and manage the delivery of improved seed paddy class FS, SS and ES, which is distributed and can develop, especially in the area of Lampung province.

Final Purpose

Realizing Resources Seed Management Unit (RSMU) formidable (productive, efficient, competitive and sustainable) as a seed source that can provide superior seeds and qualified (certified) to support efforts to increase agricultural production.

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New Varieties (NV) Rice captive in order to support the provision of seed varieties developed mainly on the test varieties (display SLPTT). New Varieties (NV) and Class seeds are bred RSMU activities in 2014, as in Table.

Table Varieties and classes RSMU Rice Seed Breeding Activity in 2014


Location Breeding

New Varieties (NV) and Class Rice Seed





Di  Kabupaten Lampung Tengah

Inpari 10

Inpari 22

Inpago 8

Inpari 23


Inpari 10

Inpari 16

Inpari 18

Inpari 19

Inpari 22

Inpari 30


Di Kabupaten Pesawaran



Inpari 10

Inpari 13

Inpari 15

Inpari 22



RSMU activities in 2014 mainly produces rice seed is the seed source bina class FS and SS, as well as disseminate seed ES consists of several varieties of New Superior (NV) rice, breeding in paddy fields belonging to farmers covering an area of 30 hectares with PTT technology approach.

Table. Rice Breeding Technology with PTT approach in the area of rice production center in Lampung MT 2014





New varieties (NV) Inbred Rice Irrigation (Inpari) and other varieties / are preferred by farmers.


Healthy and quality (Certified)


Less than 21 Days After Semai
(According to local conditions)

Cara Tanam

  • Legowo row 2: 1,4: 1, spacing according to local conditions


To be efficient, dose and type of fertilizer adapted to local soil conditions

Pest and Disease

Using the concept of IPM
The use of pesticides wisely


  • The right time (90% of the grains have yellowed)
  • Reducing losses during grain threshing using a threshing and tarpaulins pedestal


Immediately dry the grain to sunlight or drying machine.


Implementation of captivity coordinated by Farmers Group / Gapoktan in Lampung (breeding locations), with a system adapted treaty by mutual agreement between AIAT Lampung and Farmer / Farmer Group Chairman breeder at each location. Strengthened form of agreement in the form of "Manuscript Agreement" which is known by the Head of AIAT Lampung.


Event Level

     Tillage and registration process to produce certified seed BPSB Lampung province :

(1) Seed source BS and FS grade rice from Rice BB bred into class seed FS and SS.

(2) Maintenance rice plants with well controlled (weeding, fertilizing, irrigation and pest and disease) by continuously performing well.

(3) The implementation of a good harvest, meet the requirements to be a rice seed bersertfikat.

(4) Prosessing candidate seed is the seed for diserrtifikat.

(5) Packaging

(6) Storage and distribution.



Picture 1. Varieties growth Inpari 16

Pertumbuhan Varietas Inpari 16

Picture 2. Varieties growth Inpari 22

Pertumbuhan Varietas Inpari 22







Picture 3. Examination of Airy III prior to harvest








Picture 4. Implementation Harvest Potential To Produce Rice Seed

Pelaksanaan Panen Untuk Menghasilkan Calon Benih Padi



Picture 5. Ready Certified Seed Distribution to Users

Benih Bersertifikat Siap Distribusi ke Pengguna