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Lab Dimension


Dissemination Laboratory Tegineneng


  • Size 2,374 ha comprising Office, Housing and Gardens
  • Locations in Masgar, district. Tegineneng, Kab. Pesawaran
  • Strategic layout next to Jalan Lintas Sumatera, distance 30 Km from the Office of BPTP Lampung


1. Visitor Plot Cassava

models double row spacing of 160 (80 x80) cm, 80 x 90 cm and 80 x 70 cm.

variety used is UJ-5

2. Display M-KRPL

Model development activities Region Sustainable Food House that and is UK-5

at the Institute for Technology (BPTP) Lampung


3. Plant Collections

Longan, Local Coffee, Pepper, Chillies Java, Vanilla, Mango, Ginger Elephant, Local ginger, banana, sweet potato Balitkabi, Cassava Mangu