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Experiment Garden of Tigeneneng

gedung kp tegineneng

Tegineneng Experimental Garden located in the village Mandah district. Natar District. South Lampung including upland plains and corrugated medium with a distance of ± 20 km from the office peratanian Parent Institute for Technology (AIAT) Lampung.


Along with the development then in 1994 there was a change of reorganization which became LIAT and 2001 turned into AIAT Lampung until now Experiment Garden of Tegineneng functioned as a source of information technology among others as a place to visit and dry land training (food and plantation). Experiment Garden of Tegineneng also as a source of Non-Tax Revenue (PNBP).


Experiment Garden of Tegineneng

  • Mandah Village, District Tegineneng, Kab. Pesawaran
  • An area of 10 ha consists Dryland
  • A height of 69 meters above sea level
  • latosol soil type and partly posolik yellow red, the parent material of the volcanic tuff.
  • Including climate type B according Schmith Firguson (1951) with an average rainfall of 2331 mm/ year.




Jambu mete1. Visitor Plot Cacao and Banana

Cocoa varieties are varieties Lindak / excel

and bananas as the shade is kind of bananas

Janten, Horn, Ambon and kepok


2. Test Cassava Plant Clones
In cooperation with Balitkabi Malang


Test activities cassava clones have been running ± 5 years

(th 2008 (9 klon), 2009 (260 klon), 2010 (31 klon,)

2011 (14 klon), 2012 (30 klon).