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Experiment Garden of Natar

Experimental Garden (KP) Natar

Natar Experimental Garden is currently not functioning as where expected by the Agricultural Research Agency, are able to develop appropriate experimental garden Auth with its capabilities to attempt to develop Innovation Agricultural Technology Innovation by utilizing the existing land maksimal.Namun thus seeks Natar Experimental Garden and strive to optimize the function of the garden to reach the goal.



KP Natar

  • Negara Ratu, District Natar, South Lampung
  • An area of 60 ha consists Dryland Rice cistern and rain
  • Altitude 135 masl
  • Latosol soil types and most posolik yellow red, the parent material of the volcanic tuff.
  • Including climate type B according Schmith Firguson (1951) with an average rainfall of 1786 mm / year.


Research Cooperation.

  • Pepper Plant Hybrida Balitro Bogor
  • Vanilla plants Bogor
  • Sorghum crop Students Unila
  • Grass Forage Crops BPTP
  • Cassava plants BPTP



Visitor Plot

  • Pepper Natar 1 and 2
  • Parent Pepper Mini N1, N2, Petaling 1 & 2 and Meravin
  • Coffee clone type BP 436, BP 939, BP 534 and SA 203
  • Vanilla 7 Varieties of Plants
  • Chocolate plant
  • Local Food Crops (umbni tubers)