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Misi Visi

Vision, Mission, Motto



Being a research and development institution in the world's leading agricultural farming systems in creating a bio-industrial sustainable tropical

**hierarchical strategic plan Badan Litbang Pertanian

Mission :

  1. To design, test and develop tropical agriculture innovation superior competitiveness of agricultural bio-industry support.
  2. To disseminate innovation ahead of tropical agriculture in order to increase scientific recognition and impact recognition.


Motto AIAT Lampung: Fast, Precise, Accurate, Friendly and Helpful


Purpose :

Generate and develop tropical agriculture superior innovation support agriculture competitive bio-based industries advanced technology and bioscience, IT applications, and adaptive to climate dynamics.

• Optimizing the utilization of tropical agriculture superior innovation to support the development of science and technology and national agricultural development.



Main Task :

Assembling implement the Agricultural Technology Assessment and Appropriate Specific Location


Function :

  1. Inventory and identification of appropriate agricultural technology needs of specific locations;
  2. Research, assessment and assembly of appropriate agricultural technologies specific location;
  3. Preparation and assembly of specific technology packages for the preparation of agricultural extension materials;
  4. Engineering services activities of study, research and assembly site-specific agricultural technology;
  5. Implementation of administrative affairs and household Institute